An Introduction To The Story

This is a story of a dedicated lawyer who never failed to uphold justice in his life. I am dedicating my research and study to him for his past legal practice as a lawyer who specialized in Criminal Law from handling high end cases to inexplicable criminal cases involving murder years ago. The interesting part would be the prejudices that he faced while defending his clients in the real world. Due to sensitivity of his criminal cases that may affect his clients' reputation and their family members' emotional sentiment, I am writing a story based on facts of his criminal cases using fictional names, fictional locations, fictional photographs and fictional videos including any other illustrative materials in reference to the said cases.
So enjoy the read for this is his story when he was once reputed as....
... the bravest lawyer ever known.

Director Rorne Tan
Independent Filmmaker 


The Attorney - Thomas Merrison
Personal Assistant - Jennifer Paddington
The Asian Interpreter - Chen Chen
Despatch Clerk - Frederick Higgins
Legal Secretary - Norla Hamilton
Times News Reporter - Roger Saviggio
The Prosecutor - Lewis Myford Charles
High Court Judge - Morrison C. Scott
Client No.1 - Lisa Kokinsky


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